Be The Change: Aligning Our Money With Our Values

Hey there, this is Maddy, your local esthetician, wax and skin care specialist here at Casa PRANA. This blog post might end up with a different tone that the last ones. While I usually try to keep things at work light, funny and simple, tonight feels a little different. My heart is heavy. I think a lot of people feel this way when they turn on the TV, or check their phone and see the constant devastation of this Earth. If you didn’t already know, right now as I type this, the Amazon forest is burning at an unprecedented rate. Apparently, it’s been going on for days and days. I’m not here to report the news, I’m here just as one person in the world who’s heart hurts for the Earth; who hurts for the future of this Earth; who wants to help in a world that sometimes feels helpless. 

I want to tell you, and also remind myself, that this world is not hopeless. We shouldn’t give up. I love working at Casa PRANA specifically FOR reasons just like this; to spread the message that sustainability is achievable; that all of our small differences do matter and make a positive impact; that together we are stronger than we are individually; that we as consumers and businesses can create the change we wish to see through our choices and our actions. 

My goal at Casa PRANA is to create a small positive impact upon the clients I am lucky to work with; an impact that hopefully creates a ripple effect in the lives I touch and the community I am proud to call home. Hopefully, our little Casa helps to create a local culture that spreads positivity and knowledge about sustainability as fast as this wildfire has. A culture where we put our Earth before profit; where we put our health before vanity; where we act together and spread awareness to help educate and prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again. 

Sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult. It starts with small daily switches that add up to a significant impact. When I see big things like this fire, it makes me think what can little old me do? At first it doesn’t seem like I can do much, but actually I can. FIRST, I can share what I know, I can ask you as readers to continue this spreading of knowledge and share this post. It’s free, it only takes a minute to share, and hopefully it makes you feel a little more empowered to know that you can help too in a small way. 

SECOND, make today the day that you switch toreusable grocery bags or skip a straw. Make tomorrow the day you check out your local thrift shop for back to school shopping or sign up for recycling at home. Next month choose to order less online and shop in store more andsupport local and sustainable businesses. Maybe next year when you buy that new car you’ve been saving for, you choose the model that has better gas mileage or even go with an eco model. There is so much we can do, one little bit at a time. As consumers we are so much more powerful that we think. 

UNTIL OUR MONEY, ALIGNS WITH OUR VALUES, only then, will we start to see significant change on a local, national and global scale. As long as we are complacent, and keep doing what we have always done, change will never happen. 

It’s so important to always try to do better, don’t give up. Even when it seems like you can’t make a difference you can. What we do today will impact what kind of world our children will have in the years to come. Make these changes and so many others overnight if you can, or slowly over the months and years if your budget doesn’t allow you to at this time. 

The last thing I’m choosing to do to try to help tonight, is I’m creating a donation fund. I’m choosing toput my words into action in a way that I can help. For the rest of August and all of September, I’m going to personally donate 3% of all of my earnings from Casa PRANA to an organization that can help with Amazon preservation and restoration. Just by showing up to yourspa appointments, YOU will help as well. Together, we can help keep this planet beautiful while making you feel a little more beautiful inside and out. 

Please leave a comment on this post or share your thoughts and feelings with us too so we can create a place for learning and sharing. Like always this is Maddy and, NOS VEMOS EN LA CASA